The Five Pillars

Pillar I:
Innovative Academic Programming and STEM 

Think back to the teacher who knew how to make the class period fly. That teacher used innovative strategies to engage learners, encouraged you to excel—even as you struggled, and created a memory that is still vivid today. Washington Local teachers have great ideas on how to make curriculum come to life. Sometimes they want to test new methods or provide experiences that aren’t a part of the regular curriculum. This pillar will support innovative teaching to provide extended experiences for students that go beyond the typical curriculum. With the establishment of STEM programming in the 21-22 school year, experienced and creative Washington Local teachers will be providing project-based learning experiences to support students to demonstrate the competencies in the Portrait of a Panther: Empathy, Communication, Adaptability, Critical Thinking, Integrity, and the Learner’s Mindset. 

Pillar II:
Diversity, Inclusion and Equity 

One of the hallmark qualities of Washington Local Schools has always been that the district is built around the concept of family. Washington Local proudly opens its arms to every child who walks through the door regardless of race, ability, or income. This is a place where the field is made level and, when it isn’t, Panther Nation gathers its resources to provide equity. We support one another. We stand for one another. We are family. This pillar will support programs that ensure equity and will provide support so all students can be a part of the full Washington Local experience.

Pillar III:
Career Tech 

For decades, career preparation that exceeds every standard has been a trademark of the Whitmer experience. Over 50% of Whitmer students pass through the halls of the Whitmer Career Technical Center on their journey to employment, enlistment, or enrollment. With 14 programs that prepare Whitmer graduates for high-paying jobs or post-secondary education, graduates leave with credentials and college credits that ensure they are on their way to success from the first day on the job. Funding in this pillar can help support internship experiences, provide trade tools and supplies, and provide state-of-the-art equipment to give Whitmer students the leading edge. 

Pillar IV:
The Arts 

From fine arts to performing arts, Washington Local Schools students experience the best preparation in the area from talented and dedicated teachers. Each student’s creativity and talent is explored, grown, and stretched with confidence instilled at each and every level. Support for portfolio development, artist-in-residence experiences, new instruments, theater equipment, and music and theater exposure for young learners can be funded from this pillar. 

Pillar V:
Youth Sports Opportunities & High School Athletics 

Local suburban students have access to high-quality parks, indoor training facilities, and expensive sporting equipment. Whether it’s tee-ball, dance, soccer, cheer, tennis, softball and baseball, golf, or more the athletic facilities in Washington Local struggle to compete. Funding for this pillar will provide opportunities and development for youth and high school athletics in the areas that have always set Washington Local apart.